Police Department

Secretary: Donna Williams
Police Chief: Jay Kelly
Mayor: Cliff Engel 

Beware of unusual calls, or visits from people seeking to check on utilities in your home. This could be a diversion for a theft attempt. Do not allow anyone in your residence who arouses suspicion. Police are reminding members of the public that all utility and communication companies have a similar ID requirement for their employees and most wear some type of uniform. Field employees should carry a company-issued photo ID and present it upon request. If a worker cannot produce ID, customers should not allow the worker into their home and should call 911 immediately. However, if this person isn’t yet within the 4 walls of your home, jump on the computer and do a reverse phone lookup check on the individual – all you need is their mobile number.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jay Kelly Chief
Eric Gensemer Sergeant
Bill Helms Corporal
Ray Stilwell Officer
Brent Gensemer Officer
Nick Sangmeister Officer
Jessie Wingate Officer
Matt Cavanagh Officer
Bob Brake Officer
John Stritch Officer
Tony Agatsiotis Officer
Nick Rentos Officer
Sam Farid Officer
Patrick Rose Officer
Donna Williams Secretary