Please be advised that Tyler Technologies has been contracted by Delaware county to provide valuation services for the 2021 countywide reassessment project. During this phase of the project, our staff will be working in Glenolden to collect current property data and confirm or verify existing county assessment property records. This occurs by visiting properties, measuring improvements, observing and noting all exterior building characteristics.  

These efforts will be conducted by Tyler employees, called Data Collectors, who can be identified by their day-glo work vests which bear the “TYLER” name on the back and by their Delaware county issued photo ID badge. At each property, data collectors will knock on the door before proceeding with data collection. If an adult is home, data collectors will ask a series of questions relevant to the property characteristics – such as room count, basement area, type of heating/cooling, date of last remodel, etc. They will never ask to be invited into the home.

Effective September 10, 2018, Data Collectors will begin working in Glenolden Borough.

Additional information can also be found by visiting the reassessment project website:


Emergency Messages Provide Warnings For Residents of Delaware County

Residents of Delaware County are invited to enroll in “Delco Alert,” a regional community alert system which transmits emergency text messages of public warnings.

The alerts provide emergency information via text messages and e-mail devices of threats to security, severe weather, road closures by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation on major highways and other dangers and emergencies.

“Delco Alert” is the identity in Delaware County of ReadyNotifyPA, which is administered by the Roan Secure Alert Network (RSAN) in the five-county southeastern Pennsylvania region which also includes Bucks, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

Residents can sign up to receive the alerts at, the Delaware County Government Web site, and using the “Delco Alert” link.

Entire families can be enrolled in the system under a single user name. Points of interest such as residences, schools and workplaces can be marked on a map so warnings concerning those locations can be sent to the user. Residents can receive warnings which are local or regional.

Residents who work or go to school in Philadelphia or another county can sign up to receive warnings from those jurisdictions as well as from Delaware County said. Any information provided will remain confidential within the system and will not be used for anything other than sending emergency messages.

Residents are encouraged to enroll to receive text or e-mail messages from as many counties as necessary to fully benefit from the system.

“Whether we are dealing with floods, severe storms or threats to homeland security or other threats or dangers, we recognize that emergencies don’t stop at our borders.”

There is no cost to enroll in “Delco Alert.” However, recipients of the messages may be charged a fee by their service providers if there is a charge to them for such messages.

If having difficulty understanding the instructions to enroll in the system, contact the Delaware County Emergency Services Department from
9 am – 4 pm Monday-Friday at 610-565-8700 or send an e-mail to for assistance.