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Beware of unusual calls, or visits from people seeking to check on utilities in your home. This could be a diversion for a theft attempt. Do not allow anyone in your residence who arouses suspicion. Police are reminding members of the public that all utility and communication companies have a similar ID requirement for their employees and most wear some type of uniform. Field employees should carry a company-issued photo ID and present it upon request. If a worker cannot produce ID, customers should not allow the worker into their home and should call 911 immediately. However, if this person isn’t yet within the 4 walls of your home, jump on the computer and do a reverse phone lookup check on the individual – all you need is their mobile number.

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Glenolden Police Department

The Officer Down Memorial Page Remembers…

GlenoldenPolicePatchsmPatrolman Blair McGovern
Glenolden Police Department, PA
EOW: Wednesday, May 10, 1922
Cause of Death: Gunfire

GlenoldenPolicePatchsmChief of Police Robert G. Sparks
Glenolden Police Department, PA
EOW: Tuesday, March 25, 1975
Cause of Death: Gunfire

38 Boon Avenue
Glenolden, PA 19036
(610) 583-1312

Secretary: Donna Williams
Police Chief: Jay Kelly
Mayor: Cliff Engel

Chief Jay Kelly
Sergeant Eric Gensemer
Corporals Bill Helms
Officers Ray Stilwell
Brent Gensemer
Nick Sangmeister
Jessie Wingate
Matt Cavanagh
Bob Brake
John Stritch
Stephen Matty
Tony Agatsiotis
Nolan Cummings

Winter Driving Information Available
PennDOT once again has winter driving tips, a guide to winter services and a winter driving quiz available on its website at This page also contains a link to 511 where motorists can find information on traffic conditions, including winter road conditions.

Maintaining Vehicles Beyond Inspection
PennDOT has developed a Maintaining Your Vehicle Beyond Inspections section at The section contains suggested weekly and monthly vehicle checks. The section also contains a free downloadable maintenance checklist, which vehicle owners can print and keep in their vehicles. Although an excellent preventive measure, troubleshooting a vehicle using the checklist should not be considered a replacement for scheduled maintenance of the vehicle. Drivers should consult their owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s regular schedule of vehicle maintenance for their particular make and model of vehicle.

Reminder About Traffic Safety Websites – all highway safety information – motorcycle safety website– insurance information and safe driving tips. If its van insurance you’re after specifically then you can visit Money Expert (in the UK), or somewhere more local to you and depending what vehicle you have.

PennDOT Safety Brochures Online
PennDOT has launched a new web page that features traffic safety brochures and information. Topics covered include child passenger safety, aggressive driving, motorcycles, teen drivers, school bus safety and more. Remember, never be afraid to contact a personal injury lawyer after you call the police if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Please click here for more information.

PennDOT’s Steer Clear Law
In an effort to continue to educate motorists about the Steer Clear law, PennDOT has a tip card and radio Public Service Announcement available on its Web site. There is a printable version of the card that can be printed as needed by law enforcement officials. The PSA can be downloaded and provided to local radio stations.

These items can be accessed here and clicking on the Traffic Safety Brochures and Resources link.