Now, the reason we need your help…

I’ll be honest. Year to year, once we get done paying all of the obligations of the 4th of July celebrations, we’ve noticed the amount of money left over going steadily down each year. This year, the bank account is lower than it has ever been after everything was paid.

This is why you need to know this. We’ve said it publicly over the past two years that we could be in danger of losing this celebration if we don’t get the funding from the community. This year that is a stronger possibility more than ever. Or, if not completely losing the celebration, seeing significant cuts to it based on the budget.

What are we doing about it? Well, you’re going to see a more intense fundraising push this year than last year starting with this raffle. Plans are being discussed for more fundraising events for 2017, such as a possible Coach Bag Bingo event in the spring. Keep an eye on this page because it’s going to be more active.

We are not ready to throw in the towel for 2017 yet, not even close. But we need strong support from you this year to get there. We hope you’ll start with this raffle, and good luck to all who enter.

We pulled it off last year, we can pull it off again! Thank you for continuing to support this long and local tradition.