Thank you for volunteering your time and skills

There are many organizations in Glenolden that could use your time and effort. One day one week or one year will make a difference in your community. Volunteering is for all ages. It is a great way to get a perspective on your own life. Remember to ask these questions.

  • What will be expected of me if I volunteer here?
  • What kind of training will I receive?
  • How many other volunteers are there?
  • How many hours do you expect me to volunteer each week/month?

We have listed some groups you may want to contact

Glenolden Borough: We are always looking for residents to fill positions on Parks and Recreation, Planning, Zoning and other appointed positions.

Glenolden 4th of July Association: Looking for people with time to help in the various fundraisers throughout the year which leads up to the annual fireworks and parades. Click here for more information.

Glenolden Fire Company: Firemen wanted, come to the firehouse Tuesdays nights 7:30 pm and get to know us. Training available. Click here to visit the Glenolden Fire Department website.

Glenolden Youth Club: Coaches, assistant coaches, board members or just a fan. Come talk to us and find out what is available. Click to visit the Glenolden Youth Club website.